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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Unison Drilling Inc.


Unison Drilling Inc. is an independent family owned company specializing in oil and gas drilling. In 1985 a partnership was formed by Maurice Stricker and Annie Mello (brother & sister) with one rig located in South Texas. Today Unison Drilling Inc. currently operates 6 rigs drilling for oil & gas ranging in horse power from 450 to 1000 HP. and depths from 4,700 feet to 14,000 feet.


At Unison Drilling: Safety is our highest priority. We are members of Disa, a third party drug testing and monitoring company. We are also members of ISNetworld. We do companywide OSHA certifications every January even if some cards are not expired. Our Safety Team is highly trained and are rotated in & out of OSHA ?Train the Trainer? classes throughout the year.


As a family owned company Ms. Annie and her son Michael keep a tight rein on professional personnel and equipment maintenance. Here at Unison we recognize each rig hand as a valuable team member and vital to the success of every well.

All new hires with experience are put through a one or two day orientation depending on their certifications, then put to work in our yard for two weeks to evaluate them before we put them on a rig. New hires with no experience go through the same orientations then put into our training program. They work in our yard for a couple of months then put on our training rig as a 6th man daylight trainee. They stay on the training rig until the Tool Pusher reports they are ready to go as a floor hand on another rig. We do not have to hire that often as 90% of our hands have been with us anywhere between 2 and 28 years. Unison Drilling has a reputation for Good Iron & Good People and we work hard every day to keep it that way.


At Unison Drilling we have our own trucking fleet to move our own rigs. This way we don?t have to wait in line for someone else to move us.


Unison employs our own general mechanics to take care of all of our vehicles and we employ our own rig mechanics that specialize on drilling rigs such as Rotary Tables, Drawworks, Brakes, Clutches, and Pumps. This helps to keep any downtime to a minimum.


Unison Drilling Inc. is committed to our clients and to ourselves to be the best contract drilling company, regardless of size. With quality equipment, experienced crews and professional management working closely with our customers, we believe if we Work Hard & Stay Honest we should be around for a long time to come.



Sincerely yours‚
Annie and Michael Mello.


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