Unison Drilling Inc.
P.O. Box 715
2070 FM 3176
Devine, Texas 78016

Water Line &
Rental Division

Oilfield Supply


Purpose:   To help reduce vehicle accidents
Reduce employee injuries
Protect the public
Increase profit by decreasing losses

DRIVING POLICY: Unison Drilling, Inc. has made a commitment of safety, service, and quality to both our employees and customers. Unison Drilling, Inc. mandates that both our employees and non-employees operate all vehicles owned by or used by Unison Drilling, Inc. in a safe and economical manner.


FLEET SAFETY SUPERVISOR: Unison Drilling, Inc. Trucking Department Supervisor and Safety Coordinator are in charge of fleet safety. The fleet safety supervisors possess knowledge and understanding of safe driving so that they can educate and train new and experienced drivers. The fleet safety supervisors communicate well with drivers and management on matters related to fleet safety.


SAFETY MEETINGS: Unison Drilling, Inc. fleet safety supervisors periodically hold meetings with all drivers to discuss new issues or problems that are being encountered, along with mandatory yearly safety training.


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: We recognize that our actions can affect our neighbors and we are dedicated to improving the compatibility of our operation within the communities where we do business.


Management conducts an annual review of each employee's driving performance, where driving is a part of his or her job.




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